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Jet 1236 ballast box & extra footing

Pete in Holland, MI
>Attached is a photo of my 1236 . Ballast box was built of 3/4" plywood. Stand was partially taken apart to install it. Is setting on several peel & stick rubber bumpers to reduce vibration noise, but not bolted to the machine. Center portion of the lid is removable with screws. Inner area is filled with about 130# of pea stone in various plastic bags (to ease removal in the future). Lid is screwed in place after filling. Because of my 6' tall frame, I mounted the lathe on a pair of 4x4s, of which they are resting on some 3" square pieces of rubber conveyor belt. They keep the machine from scooting around the floor with an out of balance bowl blank, and allow it to jiggle with the same piece till it is balanced. These lathes are not that heavily built. My thought was to allow it to jiggle some, reminding me that there is an out of balance load spinning, rather than bolting the machine to the floor and force the machine to absorb all of the vibration, which in time, will hurt castings & bearings. An out of balance load spinning too fast is more apt to fly out of a chuck too.

I am pleased with this set-up, but still dream of something with a bigger swing in the future. The pile of drying bowls, by the way, has grown to over 100. All anchorsealed up and taking their time drying. My earlier bowl stock has finally dried enough and am honing my skills finish turning the dryed stock, which is proving to be a different challenge than turning green stuff.

My 2 cents worth.........


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