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Walnut Anyone?

Ron in Drums PA
>Not to far from my shop there is a HUGE walnut tree by a old farm house that was cut down this past October.

I approached the farm owners and at that time was told that they were trying to sell the log to someone who will cut it into boards. They thought it was worth BIG bucks and was taken back when the most they can get was $50. Well, no one showed up to take the wood. It turned out the sawyers are afraid to cut this tree because in years past it was believed that if you put nails into walnut trees you would get more nuts. Even though the land has been in the family for generations they have no idea if this tree has nails.

As I said, this tree is HUGE, I bet I couldn't wrap my arms 3/4s the way around this tree.

So here is the deal.

If you want some walnut, have a chainsaw and willing to come to Drums PA. I can arrange a walnut cutting party. The idea is you take what you cut and we try not to leave a big mess.

Did I say this tree is HUGE and FREE?

Any takers?

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