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Small Clarification - Copies

Mark Mandell - Gone Round In Jersey
>After several e-mail questions from members, I went back and looked at my post in Russ' plagiarism thread, and it appears that I should, for the sake of clarity, add a bit so folks are not mislead.

I mentioned that I could make copies of other artists' work in order to learn, and even sell what I do as my own work as long as I give proper credit where it's due. That should not be viewed by some as an opinion that the allocation ("Inspired by . . . . . . .") is somehow an absolute shield to a charge of infringement or fraud. Exploring a style or technique through a short series of pieces can be a very valid part of any artist's evolving work. However, cranking out what becomes an obvious attempt to capitolize on another's work will, or should, get me into trouble.

Making "honest copies" of elements as reinterpretations and investigations is part of the vital dialogue among artists which has given birth to the various "movements" in both style and content we have seen in all artforms over the past 3,000 years. For instance, many people have done 'abstract [expressionist]' paintings by throwing paint at canvases over the last 60 years, but there will always be only one Jack The Dripper [Jackson Pollack].

So let's all copy safely and honestly for everyone's benefit.


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