Turning Archive 2006

scraps (unturned) *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Sorry Jennifer, you won't be getting this box of scraps. I really can't do any turning right now due to my shoulder's inability to stand both turning and swim training, but I can do flat work. I was cleaning up my shop/basement and throwing out scraps and these thin, long strips of maple were just too good to throw out. So I played with them a bit. I was trying to make a dagger, but I think I made what I'm sure will sell as overpriced letter openers. The long one is about 13" long. These are kinda fun, and were made using a bandsaw, a rotary microplane mounted in the lathe, and a sanding drum. Burned with a simple brand I made.

What do y'all think about a "creative use of scraps" contest. I was mulling it over and I think it would be a neat way to learn some new, off the lathe types of skills, if we limited it to non turned items. Just a thought.

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