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Successful Charity Function

Walt Drummond, Middlesex, NJ
>I'm sitting here exhausted, feet sore, and legs so stiff I probably will never ever be able to bend them again. But still in a good frame of mind. My woodturning club, the NJ Woodturners, just ran a Top-A-Thon at the WoodWorks show in Somerset, NJ. Since Friday morning, we made over $1100.00 for the Childrens Speciality Hospital in Mountianside, NJ.

We had 4 midi lathes set up with about 16 members manning them over the last 3 days. Suprisingly enough, all the tops we made ahead disappeared very quickly, and we had a rough time keeping up with the demand.

If I never see another top again for as long as I live, it will be too soon. :) Still, a very good feeling lingers over a very worthwhile effort put out by all who participated. Woodturners can make a difference.


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Successful Charity Function
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