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Saw Dust

Bob J
>In an earlier thread the question of what to do with your saw dust or wood chips. This is only for those of us who live in the North country (Snow country). Spread them on your walks like we use to do in the olden days with the ashes from stove. Environmentally friendly. Also carry a large bag of them in your trunk to use for traction when you are stuck. I have used them very successfully several times to pull my grand daughters out of a snow bank. They have a long narrow driveway and some how manage, a couple times a winter, to get off the edge of drive. They tell me they are changing a CD or adjusting the radio and the next thing their off the driveway. That's when I get the call "Grandpaaa please come out and pull me out".

Bob J
Ironwood, MI

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Saw Dust
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