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Wood blank exchange UPDATE

Mike Cunningham (Cape May)
>Thus far 37 people have expressed interest in participating. The following 14 have emailed their info to me:

Ed Karch
Paul Porter
John Foley
Mike Cunningham
Dean Peters
Doug Miller
Kurt in south Jersey
Harvey Brooks
Larry Litwin
Dawn Adams
Molly Winton
Sean Troy
Sam Scalzo
Clem Wixted

There are several who emailed but didn't give me an address. I'll gather information through Jan 17. The exchange names will go out on Jan 20. Mailings will be the week of Jan 23.

Based upon discussion here you should use whatever size/type box that you prefer, ship it via any method that you prefer, send the size blank that you think best but of course keep in mind that it should be something that would please you if you were the recipient. Endeavor to send the type of wood that you listed in your email to me. I will draw names from a hat, two at a time, as long as they are sending different species of wood and reside in different parts of the country, they will be trading partners. I think that we'd all like to be surprised with what we receive and from whom, however if you are more comfortable contacting your trading partner and discussing what you'll be trading, that is up to you. If you are overseas and shipping costs are a concern, you must consider this before joining, you'd be placing this additional cost, not only on yourself but your partner as well. Perhaps you and your partner could agree to send something smaller to each other.

If I've missed something or you think of something additional, let me know.

If you're interested in participating, email your name, address and specie of wood that you most probably will send.

Mike Cunningham

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Wood blank exchange UPDATE
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