Turning Archive 2006

Critique the old guy again, please. *PIC*

Allen Neighbors
>Please forgive the photography. I sold all my gear, and all I have left is a little digital and short tripod. With the built-in flash I can't bounce light well, and don't have a good place to take photos (that may come later). I stole the beaded top idea from one of you ladies on this forum, but I'm not taking credit for it, so I guess it ain't really theft, or is it? :o)
This is a worm-eaten Ash vase. 7" high, 4.5" widest. Don't have much of an eye, but tried the curve thing. Sanded to 600, then brown paper sack. Finish is one coat of lacquer. I'll put another coat, maybe two, but I was in a hurry. I'd like some more critiques, please. I need to learn the practice of seeing. Thanks, Al

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