Turning Archive 2006

Turning xchange arrived!!!

Barry ...... on SaltSpring
>Yesterday from Dennis Yoder in Clermont Florida, to Salt Spring Island, about 3400 miles as the crow flies. This exchange has been so much fun, and I get a refresher course in geography as well. I unfortunatly am photography challenged ( I dont even own a camera ) but let me try and play Dennis wonderful turning in the theater of your mind!! It is a hollow form, Australian Myrtle Burl 5" wide by 1 3/4 " deep. This is set on a very petit pedistal 7/8"high and 15/8" at the base. The form is topped off with a finial. Ahh the finial. 3 1/4" high, the narrowest point about the size of a darning needle. How did he do that!!! Overall 5 3/4" high. A wonderful piece, it has prime time space on my mantle. Thank you Dennis

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