Turning Archive 2006

Tool rest question

Wolf Kiessling
>After looking at Bill Grumbine’s post regarding the tool rests he purchased from Monster Wood the other day, it got me thinking that I need a new tool rest myself. It appears that I have three options and I would like some input to help me make up my mind which option to pursue.

First of all, and this is probably immaterial, I have a JET 1642 with electronic speed control and I am using the standard tool rest that came with the machine. Lately, and probably in the future, I am mostly turning natural edge bowls in the 12 – 13” diameter range by about 10” or so deep.

The options that I am aware of are an S-curve tool rest such as the one sold by Craft Supplies. The ones that Monster Wood has, that I am interested in, are the 4/8” offset and the curved tool rests. Randy tells me that the curved tool rest, the 1” Superbar, is 9” long from the centerline of the post to the end of the curve.

My inclination/intuition tells me that the curved Superbar is probably the way to go. However, before I shell out 95 bucks, I would appreciate it if anyone could either confirm this opinion or set me straight or just give some advice in general. I have been experiencing a great deal of trouble finishing off the inside of these bowls as I get near the bottom. I pretty much use scrapers all the way.

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