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Sumac Trumpet Vase *PIC*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>This is my submission to the Contemporary American Woodturning exhibit at the Rochester Art Center, in Minnesota.
I've been putzing with this all day, trying to finalize the finish and looking at it with a very critical eye. But not critical enough--earlier in the day, I buffed the interior and found sanding scratches I missed earlier. So, back to resanding and refinishing. The wipe-on minwax polyurethane was dry enough by early evening to give the final polish, and I'm now out of elbow grease.
If you saw my post last night about thinning wipe-on poly, this is the piece in question.
I didn't try thinning it, didn't have naptha as Mark Mandell suggested.
My solution was to level the streaks with 1200 grit wet n dry abrasive, right down to the wood--but not into it. Then I buffed the exterior with white compound on a muslin wheel. I had to do the inside by hand, therefore the dry elbows--don't yet have a small buffing head.
Still not happy with the surface in some places, but it will have to do. For the most part, it has a nice semi-gloss finish.

It's is Smooth Sumac, 8 1/2" high and 4" across the top. I was amazed at how the bark stayed intact, given that it's summer-cut wood. The turning was centered on the pith, which itself is off center giving the interesting shape to the rim. It's a dry vase only, won't hold water but future ones will have an epoxy finish.
All comments are welcome, thanks for looking!

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