Turning Archive 2006

Turners wood blank exchange II

Mike Cunningham
>Based upon the replies here and via email, thus far we appear to have 19 turners interested in participating in the blank exchange.

If you're interested, please send me an email with your name and address along with what you're planning on sending out, this will ensure that people aren't exchanging the same specie of wood. I'm thinking that the easiest and fairest way will be to place the names in a hat and draw two at a time, as long as their planned exchange blank doesn't match that of the other person, these will be the exchange partners. I'll send an email with their partner's name and address. Of course I won't reveal what's being sent, this way all will be surprised.

I suppose we shoot for a blank size of, say 8" or larger diameter.

I'll gather the info through January 17 and send the exchange info to each participant on Jan 20. We could plan our mailings for the week of Jan 23.

I'll post a list of participants every few days. This should help in generating more interest if these earliest posts are missed by someone.

Any thoughts regarding this? If this is agreeable to all, please send the info via email.


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