Turning Archive 2006

Question for Earl Eyre (and others)

T Daniel
>Earl, can you post a pic of the bottom of the bowl I sent you (side and bottom views)? This bowl has my standard dovetail foot which allows remounting so that I can easily do multiple coats of oil and multiple sandings. I have played with the design of this mounting ring and I personally think it fits the piece. Many think the dovetail must be removed. First, Earl, you have it in your hands, does the dovetail need removed? Others, after seeing the pic (hopefully) what comments or criticisms do you have? Reason for this post: I have a lady on the way here this morning that bought a bowl a few months ago and left a winter squash in it too long and it rotted and stained the bowl. I give a lifetime guarantee on my finish so I will remount this bowl with the dovetail and sand or shave away the stain and then re-oil. Without the dovetail it would take too long to do this to make it practical; with the dovetail it will only take minutes. Comments after the pics please.

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