Turning Archive 2006

Over Sanding

>I am somewhat frustrated with my sanding techniques in that, I find that I tend to "sand out" the details of transitions from one surface to another (the edge of a cove, for example, should be sharp, but tends to get rounded off). When I look at pictures posted here, I am always impressed by the small details turners add to their turnings, the sharpness of an a bead or an edge detail, for example. I find that I constantly tend to dull these details simply because I am over-sanding, either by going through too many stages of sanding, or applying too much pressure. I can cure the latter, but the more I do of the former, the greater the chance I'll kill the details, regardless of how lightly I sand.

I work my way up through the grits, but maybe I simply am going too far. Is it really necessary to to go beyond 800 grit (or is that too high?) or even 400 grit? Any feedback appreciated.


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