Turning Archive 2006

Thank you TD!

Ed Kelle
>Thanks to TD, I upgraded the bearings in my Milwaulkee. He posted the part number of the sealed bearings, answered multiple questions of mine and today gave me detailed installation instructions. And good thing too, I was looking at the wrong bearings to replace. After about 2 hours or so of work, I have a drill that should last a good long time. And now I know how to do this procedure so I have no hesitation about opening the case up again. Yes, even though I blew it out with dust in the past, I was amazed at all the dust still inside the case.

Thanks for all your help TD, it is really appreciated!

Lets see... I buy a drill, upgrade the bearing in it, buy sanding discs from Steve Worcester, buy Russ' finishing DVDs and what do I do? Textured work! Go figure

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