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My Plagiarism Plan *PIC*

>I am a fairly green turner and have been lurking here for the last few months, generally absorbing any and all relevant info and ideas from all of you folks.
When I see a gorgeous piece like Glenn Hodgesí mesquite burl, Iím not looking at imitating it; Iím trying to figure out how he turned it.
I admit it, I am a technique plagiarizer.
(so how did you do it Glenn? vacuum chuck?)
As someone who wants to specialize in natural edges and shapes, my strategy so far has been to let the piece lead me where it wants to go. Seldom do I have a specific, preconceived plan on how I want it to turn out.
I admit it, I am a Mother Nature plagiarizer.
Here is a stolen thought (I canít remember the source) that truly got me hooked on turning: ďLook what I discovered in this piece of wood.Ē
So I will continue to lurk here and glean any pointers I can about how to get better. My style will be dictated by what kind of wood pieces I can scrounge and how far I can raise my skill level.

Here is what I found in a piece of pyramidallis that had been lying around my yard for the past three or four years.

Comments on my work or my thieving attitude (good or bad) are appreciated.

Rick Davenport

"Life shouldn't be dull!"

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