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basic technique question

GaryG in MD
>I'm talking about a "standard" transverse mounting for a bowl blank. For moderate size bowls (up to, say, 10" or so), I like the idea of starting the blank out between centers on a simple spur drive, rather than going to the trouble of getting a smooth, flat surface and mounting a faceplate.

I start by roughing out the bottom first, on the tailstock side, while adding a tenon for later reverse chucking. I can do the early roughing from outside to inside (against the grain), but this leads to tearout. When I start getting close to the desired profile, I can't accept the tearout any longer. I want to cut downhill (inside to outside) with the grain, with my bowl gouge. But I can't. The tailstock is in the way. I can come in from the side and do shear scrapes (handle perpendicular to the ways), but that takes forever. I want to use the gouge the way it is meant to be used, but the handle has to be where the tailstock is.

So what's the trick? Or is this just an unavoidable drawback of this approach?

TIA, Gary

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