Turning Archive 2006

Turning exchange?

Ernie Miller
>Ok so I said I would play. I thought we were to send the turning out the week of the 16th? did I mis a memo? So here is the deal I went out and dug the lathe out of the corner of the garage/Power tool shop. Haven't been out there in at least a couple years. I found the lathe it was stuck back there by the wall behind all that wood and boxes from estste sales. but dang if I can find my face plate? I know it is here some where and it has a big chunk of walnut mounted on it. But I don't want to use walnut any way. I want to use this spalted pear crotch I have been saving. So I twist this thing around on the lathe for a while and I get an OK shape do a little sanding and flip it around and put it in the chuck a bought and never got around to using. So I start to clean out the inside and Bam! the damn thing flys off the lathe? what is up with that? There is a nice pretty bruse in the side. So I chuck it back up and go at it a bit more so far so good but I have a ways to go. I'm not to good at this round stuff are you sure that you would rather not have a china hutch made with hand tools? I'm sure I could get that built by the 16th but turning a bowl might not happen. I'll probably send a nice chunk of wood to the poor soul who got the short end of the stick when I drew there name. so they will at least get somthing worth having. I'll give it another shot this weekend but making a Slegh bed would be easier. how about that instead? I'm sorry if It was suposed to be to you by now and isn't. and don't expect any thing like has been posted so far. I might have to dig somthing out of the closet from when I did this more often.

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