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Thanks Al Crandall! Vac chuck *PIC*

Joe Tonich - Parma, OH
>Thanks to Al Crandall, I now have a vac. chuck. Al has writted very detailed instructions on materials needed (down to the aisle at Loews ) and construction of the chuck. My vac pump (an old fridge compressor) pulls 26Hg and I'm getting 20Hg at the drum when I put a piece of ply on to check for major leaks. I used a ball valve shut-off w/drain valve that works great for adjusting the vac. pressure in the system. The only thing is the fittings on the drum side of the tube won't fit thru the headstock of my lathe (JET 1236) so I leave it in after taking off the drum. I'm using a coupler on the end to protect the threads. I messed the threads on the end so when I do have to take it out for my steb drive, the nuts stop at the same place everytime I put them back on so the O-ring seats correctly when I reinstall it again.

It ain't pretty, but it is functional and will do till I get my shop in order.

Best of all, the pump was free (found a small fridge on the treelawn on trash day) and have under $40 in the chuck if I remember right.

You can find Al's write-up at http://www.woodcentral.com/bparticles/smvachuck.pdf I also want to thank my good friends, Travis, Jim K, and Dick P for their input and sending me pics of their set-ups. Hope when I get the shop set up right it looks as good as theirs!

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