Turning Archive 2006

Hat box/Giraffe table done *PIC*

Richard Allen

This is the table I have been working on. The table is made for a friend. The design was left mostly to me. She indicated the size and intended use. Other than size I knew that she had admired a table I made several years back.

This table is made of curly maple and bloodwood.13 1/4" across and 26 1/2" high

I like the way the table came out. There are several simular table in my head because of this effort. I want to make a table with a removable top which will open up storage. I would like the legs bent with some multi center turning. There are also several wood combinations I would like to try and a little more decoration on the top interest me.

My Daughter told me the table looks like a Giraffe stuck in a box. Then she wanted me to put spots on the legs. Maybe the next one.



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