Turning Archive 2006

Oneway Balance System on Delta Slow Speed Grinder

Philip Morris
>I am installing the Oneway Balance System on a Delta Slow Speed Grinder, Model 23-725 (the heavy one) and had several questions that I hope someone can answer.

1. How many machined washers are supposed to be supplied with the kit? There are only two with mine. The instructions state that both of the original dished washers are to be removed when installing the kit. It is obvious that the outside flange (the one with the groove for the balance bolts) has a recess for the washer. However, there is a steel shoulder on the shaft that the inner washer will butt up against. Just want to make sure that a washer does not need to be installed there as well.

2. The instructions show and describe two (2) balance bolt/nut assemblies being used per wheel, but my kit contains a total of six (6) of these. Are the extra assemblies in the event an out of balanced wheel needs more weight?


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