Turning Archive 2006

Am I the only one?

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>I was final sanding a small segmented enclosed bowl this morning. It has a small opening, just big enough to put my middle finger through up to the second knuckle. But there was a rough spot just at the very end of my reach. The bowl was ready to part off - only about a 3/4" tenon left to part off, so using a swan neck scraper would be dangerous, no matter what speed, and catch would snap it off.

What to do. No one in the gallery would care, but if another turner picked it up and gave it "the finger"....

I could not put on my sanding glove with the velcro on the fingers and sand it off, the hole was not big enough.

So, I cut a small piece of 150 grit sand paper, and super glued it to the tip of my finger. Worked like a charm......

I guess I could have put on a thin rubber glove and glued it to that but I did not think of that until now.

Oh, Well.....another turning tip I will NOT send in to the tips column of any of the magazines.


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