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Baldor/Wolverine revisited *PIC*

Dave Shombert
>Somewhere below there's a thread where a couple people asked about how I arranged my 7" Baldor grinder and Wolverine jig. I got the necessary clearance by mounting the grinder on some "riser blocks", about 1/8 inch or so thick. For those interested, here's a photo of it. The photo also shows my solution to getting those annoying steel filings all over the place - a plastic water bottle with the top cut off stuck over the grinder exhaust port. Someone once tried to convince me that this would restrict the airflow and result in filings being dispersed around the front of the wheel, but a few experiments convinced me that wasn't the case.

Dave Shombert
Elkins, WV

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Baldor/Wolverine revisited *PIC*
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