Turning Archive 2005

Hamlet tools

Wolf Kiessling
>I am planning on purchasing a Hamlet ˝” radius scraper to finish off the inside of bowls to remove the ridges. Also, a lot of the wood I use is very punky and difficult to smooth out so I need a very sharp edge (I do a LOT of sanding). Anyhow, I had intended to get one of the ASP2030 or 2060 tools but, after thinking about it, thought that this might be a bad idea. Doesn’t the M2 HSS steel take a sharper edge than the hardened metal? I know the ASP 2030 and 2060 tools hold an edge longer but that is really not the prime consideration here. Also, my main tools are Glaser and Sorby and I know nothing about the Hamlet tools at all. Any recommendations/comments in this regard?

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