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Steve in NC
>After 40 years of working wood on the flat side, I finally purchased a lathe 18 months ago. I now regret waiting so long. Most of my traditional shop tools are now use for specific home improvment projects. One of the down sides of this switch to turning is that it is more solitary than cabinet work and therefore my 11 year old daughter, who has been "assisting" for years, has not been as involved.

Based on the advice of the kind folks in this forum, I decided that with the proper precautions, that this would be a good time to have my daughter start to turn. I purchased a Jet mini, (Christmas present to myself) and gave my daughter a face shield, dust mask and Bonnie Klein's book for Christmas. Her reaction was priceless. We are now building a stand for the Jet and hope to have her turning this weekend.

My hope is that my daughter and I will bond with this common interest and grow our skills together until at some point I expect our roles will reverese and she will become the teacher.

It was fun to see several recent posts from at least two other 12 year olds who were starting to turn, (although I was quite concerned for security reasons about a 12 year old requesting wood). Is there any way we could give youg turners a place to exchange ideas and experiences and results of their work? I am concerned about Internet security esspecially for young folks so I think some guidlines would be necessary.

I am just putting this out there for ideas. This could be something as simple as a standard phrase (such as "YT") as part of the subject line that could be searched on by the kids.

This site has been a great find. I thank you all for you advice and thoughts. Happy New Year to all.

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