Turning Archive 2005

Mandrone Lace Burl and the alcohol method *PIC*

Jeff Theil
>I posted a question on drying mandrone lace burl a few months ago and it seemed the best way to dry wood in general, quickly was to use the alcohol method. Some of you had problems with drying mandrone lace burl. Well I think I solved that problem, even though I think I went to extremes. I rough turned it to about 5/8" to 3/4" thick and then soaked it in EZ denatured alcohol for a week, then wrapped the bottom in a paper bag and left it for a month (even though is was very hard to wait that long). It has been about a month since I finish it and it has not moved. It is 8 5/8" across and 1 5/8" tall with a tung oil finish. Please comment.

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