Turning Archive 2005

Deacon's Urn update

Ed Moore
>I took the urn to church Sunday to give it to Deacon's owner. There was only one service instead of the usual two, so it was a challenge to find him. I spotted him standing up and went over to him before the service. The look on his face told me immediately that even though there was plenty of time, he was NOT going to look at it then because he was not going to risk am emotional reaction. He thanked me and I went to the other side of the church with my family.

Knowing that they were going to Florida Monday morning, I decided to call. The wife answered and I knew right away how pleased they were. Most important to me was that the ashes fit inside the urn with no problem. And I sensed true appreciation for Deacon's Urn.

I sent some pictures to Bob Rosand and it showed the pyrography where I printed the name and dates. Bob made a very good suggestion that I am going to repeat here in hopes that others might benefit. He said that instead of thinly printed letters I should have used "boldface" to give myself some leeway to adjust if a slight error in tracing was made. I thought about it and decided that he is exactly right. Next time I will use boldface and more tape to hold the printing in place while I trace the letters.

I suspect that Deacon made the trip to Florida.

Ed Moore

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