Turning Archive 2005

Adjustable work/photo lights *PIC*

>I bought a couple of the single work lights at the Borg some time back. Then I purchased these two Adjustable Speaker Stands at our church garage sale for $5.00 for the pair. My goal was to make articulated work and photo lights. I just finished the project.

The lights articulate 360 degrees, rotate 360 degrees, adjustable height from about 3' to nearly 7', can bounce light from countless angles, and have very heavy bases.

I removed one half of the original tubing base from each light, by removing the thumbscrews and washers. I then took two electrical conduit brackets and two screws and lock washers and mounted the lights by screwing the conduit brackets to the original speaker bracket slots with the remaining original light tube running through the conduit bracket.

Took about 30 minutes to revamp both lights. Going to look for more stands... This conversion is just too easy;)

Single lights from the Borg ... $18
Garage sale speaker stands.... $5
Left over conduit brackets and screws... $0
DIY infinitely adjustable, articulated work/photo lights... priceless

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