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Jim Shaver - Oakville, Ontario

I was in the Burlington Lee Valley store last week (how did that happen??)and a new product item that appeared on their shelf caught my eye. A new DVD set on Pen Turning by Rex Burningham and Kip Christensen. It is a set that can be bought as single DVDís or both, one being basic pen turning skills with some slim line pen work and customizations, the second being focused on a wider variety of pen styles, materials and tricks and tips.

I have quickly skimmed through both and I have to say, wow, these are really great, even for myself. I like the easy and approachable style of presenation by both Kip and Rex, they speak and teach with an ease that makes them enjoyable to watch (something that any person considering making a DVD on woodworking should consider). The production quality of the DVDís are first class. The visuals, camera angles and close ups are really well done, the audio is clear.
What I also found great about these DVDís is that they will help my teaching , several really great points are made and explained that add clariety and I know I will incorperate into my own teaching. They also spend time on some basics that will quickly add to the finished quality of any pen.

I have their book, and I found it a solid reference, these DVDís are a in the same quality, I world consider them a must/best buy for any beginner, someone looking for visual learning, adding designs to basic kits and also teaching points.
Iím really glad I bought the set!

Take care,

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