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fluted turnings *PIC*

John Lucas
>I just wrote 2 short article on building fluting jigs for the lathe using the router. One is a jig that I use off the lathe. The other is a new jig I just built to let me do all sorts of carving and fluting on the lathe using the router or flex shaft tool. I don't have the jig built for the flex shaft tool yet. I sent the articles to Garret but I figure it will be a while before they get in the article section since it's Christmas. If anyone is in a rush to get them just e-mail me and tell me what you want. Below is a piece I made just to test jig. This also turned out to be a test of my skills on reducing chatter. This was about 18" long and because of the fluting the center was quite thin.

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fluted turnings *PIC*
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Very cool
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