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Deacon R.I.P. and his urn *PIC*

Ed Moore
>A good friend from church had a Yorkshire terrior, named Deacon, which died after a long illness. He asked me to make a box to hold Deacon's ashes and I am sure that he envisioned a simple flat box. When I finally settled on what I wanted to do I chose my best piece of ambrosia maple and turned the threaded box shown below. It is 6 1/4" tall and has Deacon's name and dates on the other side. The friend offered to pay for the box, but I choose to give it to him at church tomorrow as a gift.

Several points:
1. I printed what I wanted using my laser printer and traced the lettering on the box. Despite using two pieces of tape to secure the paper and tracing paper I have concluded that it slipped or bowed up due to the contour of the side. The lettering is not good enough for me to show you -- and I am burning because my pyrography did not turn out better. I quit with the lettering and did not dare attempt a drawing of Deacon.
2. I think there is a real market for pet urns. Because I am too tenderhearted about pets I choose not to make them, but there is an opportunity here that could be quite profitable.
3. I have found a different way of calculating for threads that I think is easier than any method I have seen written up. It is based on what I found in Fred Holder's book. The Best Wood Tools threading device worked extremely well.

And the Merriest of Christmases to you all,

Ed Moore

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