Turning Archive 2005

Merry Christmas!

Keith Tompkins
>I just want to take a moment to wish each and every one here at the WC turning forum a wonderful Christmas.

As the turning moderator, I would like to offer a word of thanks to all of you who have contributed here over the past year. Thank you for sharing your techniques, sharpening tips, and finishing secrets. Many of you have shared personal moments...some happy, some sad. Thank you for sharing those as well.

In a world full of turmoil, it's great to have even a small place where our differences can be put aside, and where we can share something we all enjoy. So many times, differences of opinion on this site could have excalated into personal attacks...yet, they did not. I think that says it all.

I think it's only appropriate that this time of year makes me think warmly of all my Wood Central friends. Merry Christmas!


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