Turning Archive 2005

Thank you, Andi Wolfe *PIC*

Jack Savona
>I attended two sessions with Andi Wolfe at the Totally Turning Expo in Albany this past October and was excited by her work.

So for a Christmas gift for my grown-up daughter, also named Andi, I decided to try a small bowl based upon my creative experience from that workshop.

The photo shows the piece covered with feathers. Unfortunately, it's all wrapped now and I neglected to make actual measurements, so the "kiss" will have to help you visualize the dimensions.

It was my third piece using pyro (I posted piece #2, my "sculpture", a moment ago, but NO ONE will see my amateurish peacock #1).

Thanks, Andi. MY Andi will appreciate it. (She'd better notice those thousands of burn marks of love. If not, I'll have to point them out)

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