Turning Archive 2005

My First Turned Sculpture *PIC*

Jack Savona
>Having attended Andi Wolfe's demo at Totally Turning in Albany this fall, I was excited to get into pyrography. So I got a Burnmaster and three Razertips.

For my adult son's Christmas present, I decided to try something totally different. I used a multi-axis approach on a piece of laminated cherry that my son-in-law gave me. I created a series of curves (almost like a bust) and added some pyro-feathers. Two coats of Bush Oil and some Beall buffing and here it is: "Feathers and Curves".

I know he'll appreciate it and all the hours of Fatherly love that went into it. However, knowing him as my best critic, he'll eventually say: "Ah, some fine sanding marks." "Sorry, Greg. Never saw 'em till I oiled 'em."

Sorry, Keith, I caught your design segment in Albany and got a lot out of it. However, I'm not experienced enough with multi-axis to have pre-sketched this one out. I HAD to let it "speak to me .

Serious comments for future improvement strongly welcomed.

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