Turning Archive 2005

I started turning on some Camphor today,

Eddie Pacheco; San Jose, Ca.
>And, well, my shop and house now smells like Vicks or...Camphor. WOW, what an aromatic wood this is! I had to open both doors in my garage this morning as I was being overcome with the odor/aroma. This is a turning block I bought a few years ago at Woodcrafters that I left in the bag, along with a piece of redwood burl, due to my not having enough skill at the time to work on them. I turned the redwood last night and it came out kinda nice (I'm biased) and this morning I started on the camphor. I stopped after arriving at a rough shape and noticing the nice wavieness of the figure so I'm going to rethink my planned shape so as to take advantage of this and not have to cut a lot of it away. I have to do some last minute shopping and housecleaning and maybe the shape will come to me. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. It's not pro stuff like you guys do, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome.
The tool that helped me most was the Sorby MidiHollower that I recieved Monday from Packard Woodworks. Prior to this I had nothing with a curved shape to be able to reach into a hollow form.
Well, that's it for now, take care.

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