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Pricing revisited

John Lucas
>I read with much interest anything I can on pricing work. The thread below was very interesting and I take all of that into consideration when pricing my work. There is one more very major thing to consider. Location, location, location. I've been selling here in Middle Tennessee for quite a few years now and you have to compress the size pricing considerably. Although it takes a great deal more work, equipement, finish, sandpaper etc. to make a 20" bowl than a 12" bowl, around here you can't get much more money. $300 is max and that better be a very special piece of wood. Most bowls will sell fairly quicly in the $40 to $70 range but if you get over that be prepared to sit on it awhile.

Segmented turnings are the same with a little higher price. I quit making them because $200 was about the max I could get and it simply wasn't worth the time spent.

100 miles away in Nashvile and Knoxville you can approximately double the price but I have a good friend who switched from very well done segmented work back to regular wood because the money just wasn't there.

I see TD and Mike Swing sell bowls and vessels for $1000. They won't sell around here. A Large John Jordan piece sat in our local gallery for a year priced at $900. It never sold. Another similar vessel by another artist was priced at $500 and never sold.

Anyway what I'm trying to say is in some parts of the country you simply won't get the prices that we see on this forum. You'll find this true if you travel the craft shows. Some shows will easily sell high dollar pieces and some shows won't. You have to gear your inventory accordingly. This is according to the artists I photograph for since I don't travel myself.

My question is, to those who do travel widely, do you vary your prices? I wouldn't think this would be a good idea. You wouldn't want any previous customers to find out your prices vary but at the same time I'm sure the same piece that sold for $200 in Tennessee would sell for $700 in someshows in Florida.

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