Turning Archive 2005

Pricing, another way to look at it.....

>Is your piece worth more if the buyer meets the artist or has met the artist? That may depend on the person involved. Does the buyer want to support your lifestyle? If the buyer likes you and wants to see you succeed he/she will pay more. All this may be a plus for selling from your own location but building a market takes time. If you go the gallery route be aware that there are two types of galleries: one let's your stuff sit on the shelf until it sells and then reaps 40-50% from the selling price; the other promotes you, helps build your name, holds auctions, etc. to promote YOU and your work. These galleries get 50% but in my opinion they have earned it. A good gallery can get much more for your work than you can get for it yourself so you will not likely loose by using them; a poor gallery will have trouble getting as much for your work as you can get yourself. Your first priority should be getting your quality up to the point that a major gallery would want you; until then stay away from the small galleries and concentrate on marketing your work yourself.

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