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Perfect Vacuum

Jorge Castaneda
>All this timely talk about vacuum systems gave me the kick I needed to complete mine. I got most everything needed a couple months ago and then my bread making work kept me away and plain forgot about it, so yesterday after reading some I gave my projact a hard look, figured out how everything should fit together and decided I needed an elbow to make it easier, a local auto parts store had it, so with no more excuses, it got assembled, a bowl was put in place held by the tailsotock, the vac pump switched on and in a very short time it read 28, so I took the tailstock away and the bowl was spinning true, by now the gauge read a little over 29, Yikes!,the joys of living at sea level, so had to let some air in, lowered the gauge to 15; just to test,I thumped the bowl and it did not budge. So I am pleased with the results so far, but in Jeff Jilg's article he talks about intake filters to protect the pump from saw dust moisture etc, what do you use for a filter and where did you obtain it? or how did you make it?
Inquiring mind needs to know... I want to finish the job before giving it a workout.
Thank in advance

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