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Re: Dawn Adam's question on the Finishing Thread

Dinyar Chavda

I just saw your question re Russ' viedo/DVD, and I wanted to ensure that you saw this response, which is why I created a separate thread.

I cannot say enough good things about Russ' video. I had been bugging him for a long time to do it, for purely selfish reasons---I came directly to turning, with no experience in woodworking. So, unlike a lot of the folks here, finishing was a giant mystery to me. I read other books on finishing, but they were about the flatworld. Plus, I really like to learn from videos, because you can see the process, and the process was more than half the problem for me. The only finishing turning video was the one by Chris Stott, which is good, but he covers a lot more than finishing in it.

Russ' 3 volume set can seem to be a bit repetitive at times to someone who is more knowledgeable than I am (sorry, Russ), but, IMO, it really isn't if you listen to it carefully. For a person like me, understanding what to do, and why to do it, and watching Russ actually do it has helped my finishing immeasureably. It's currently taking longer to do my finishing, as I am trying out different things, but the end result is already wonderful, and I am really enjoying it.

If you have any questions about finishing, this is the video to get--remember, it starts with sanding, and then talks about various kinds of finishes, their plusses and minuses, and what to use under which circumstances. Plus he shows alternative ways of applying the finishes. Finally, he gives his formulae for certain commercial products, which have already saved me a bundle (which warms me right down to the cockles of my heart!)

Finally, Russ has a trait that I truly appreciate. He distinguishes between fact (based on theory and experimentation) from opinion, so that you know when you can "play" with things, and when he's already done the experimentation, and found the best way. By the way, when Russ says that something is the way to do it, he does so in a manner that leaves no doubt as to his meaning!

You refer to it as his video, but understand that it consists of 3 tapes, for a total of 6 hours!

In my opinion, and as others have said, this should be one of the videos in every turner's library.

I know this sounds like an unabashed ad, but, hey, that's the way I see it.


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