Turning Archive 2005

Spindle chattering?

Ed Kelle
>This is a very simple project, making some spatulas, and both times I am having the same issue. Doing this on my mini, the spatulas are about 12" long. I am getting chattering doing the handles. I've sharpened my skew, taken ridiculously light cuts, loosened the tailstock a bit, taken such a light grip on the tool that I am barely holding onto it, tried long point up and long point down, gone to my detail gouge, and yet still I am getting this vibration and chatter. Of course I have resorted to the 100 grit gouge to solve the issue, but any clues to what I might be doing wrong? Or is it just the fact that I am using some curly maple? Its crazy that such an basic project makes me feel like I am regressing. It is not a thin handle, make from 3/4" stock going down to about 3/8 at the smallest, so I doubt it is really flexing.

Yea, I can get chatter when I don't want, but still haven't figured out my chatter tool. Maybe that would give me a clean cut! ;)

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