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mini sanding mops - testamonial *LINK*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Unsolicited, unpaid testamonial to follow:

I have been searching the world over for the perfect sanding solution for concave surfaces that are too small for cushion backed sanding discs and often have irregular curved surfaces that normal sanding discs, even down to 1" diameter would alter or dig in to. Mostly I need this for the bowl of hand carved spoons, but much of my off the wall woodturning/carving would benefit from a similar product. I've tried EVERYTHING, and I do mean every product I could find. I'd buy one or two of them and give them a whirl. Nothing worked the way I wanted it to. Hand sanding would take a million years and still leave disappointing results. I've used scrapers, sanders, burrs, discs, yadda, yadda..

I'm done searching. Mini-sanding mops from Klingspor.

They come in 1", 1.5" and 2" versions. I bought a starter kit in all 3 sizes. These aren't your normal flexible sanding discs that tear, wear, dig, and disappoint. They are fantastic, awesome, better than expected, and work perfectly! In short, they're an irregular concave surface sanding dream. I have been mounting them in my Foredom handpiece and using them freehand, but they could be put in a handheld drill, drill press or in a drill chuck on the lathe. The spoon I finished last evening had an interior that was as good as any could be and I was thrilled. The only drawback is that they' work in one direction only due to the arrangement of the mop, but you quickly learn in which direction to approach the material.

They're not going to help you sand a bowl's interior surface, especially one that is still on the lathe, but for anyone doing any custom work on your bowls, carving, etching, flutes, etc.. they will be of great value.

I am thrilled with these little things.

What do you use for this type of work? If your answer was like mine "nothing that satisfies me", I'd bet you'll appreciate these.

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