Turning Archive 2005


John Lucas
>I see on all the newsgroups people asking about this finish over that finish etc. Doesn't anybody do any testing of thier own. I'm not trying to be nasty, I know that it's awfully easy to jump on this machine and get a question answered, god knows I do it. When I'm playing around with paint, epoxy, lacquer, poly etc on a project I almost(notice I said almost) always keep a scrap of the same wood to try out the finish options. Nothing is worse than having finished a piece and you try some new idea on finishing and they are incompatible and wrinkle, blemish, whatever. This sucks and you have to either toss the project or spend a huge amount of time sanding off the old finish just to start over.

I would suggest that you first read Russ's Corner on finishing and then run a simple test on scrap wood. This will save you a lot of work and if you save the samples will give you good idea of what to use the next time.

This is especially true when working with analine dye's and other coloring techniques. Some paints aren't compatible with the common finishes we use and sometimes dye's and inks will run with certain finishes.

I hope no one took this as a Rant, it was meant to be more of a suggestion or a tip.

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