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Blessing brush *PIC*

Basil Biberdorf
>As an Orthodox priest, I need a blessing brush for throwing and sprinkling holy water: when blessing people, icons, church implements, and (mostly during the Theophany season) homes. I couldn't find one with stiff bristles (my preference, as opposed to horsehair or nylon) commercially, so I made one myself. The pictures here are of my second effort, which is a gift for a newly-ordained priest friend of mine.

The wood was from a free burl cut-off I've had for two years, not knowing what I could do with it. I see it spalted just a bit along the way. The bristles are corn straws, as are used in a typical broom (I'd like to use a darker, rattan-type fiber, but I couldn't find any fine enough). They are held in the handle with off-the-shelf epoxy bought at a department store. (The local Woodwright didn't carry System-3; too expensive to mail order it.)

Comments and critique are appreciated.

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