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drill trigger stop *PIC*

GaryG in MD
>I'll bet just about everyone out there has installed a trigger stop on your variable speed drill that you use for sanding. But what to use?

So I go to ye olde junk box and dig around looking for a wedge of some kind. I figure I'll glue it on or something. But it would be nice if it were also adjustable. Hmmmm.....

Serendipity!! I knew that rubber exhaust hanger I saved off my old car would come in handy some day! Perfect fit on the collar...AND, it can be adjusted. As seen in the photo it gives a nice slow speed and still has space beneath it. In use, the trigger does not move it. Want to go faster? Just give it a twist and move it lower.

Problem solved,


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drill trigger stop *PIC*
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Tell that........
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