Turning Archive 2005

Walnut SW Segmented Bowl *PIC*

>I haven't posted a photo in a while. Guess it's about time. Pictured is a Walnut SW bowl. Some crotch wood. Size approx. 6.5 x 5. 3/16" thick. 12 pc. segmented ring. Feature ring is maple, top feature ring maple & purpleheart. Finish is quick & easy. One coat Deft clear wood finish. Let dry overnight & sand. Then apply 3 coats of MinWax Tung Oil finish every other day. Finish is nice and smooth no buffing except by hand. The Deft pops the grain. I do not use BLO or Watco (Life is too short) This is one of my favorite shapes. Not sold yet will go in a local gallery. Bowl is from an orginal computer drawing I made. I have but don't use some of the Segmented drawing programs out there. No stories to tell, no excuses. What you see is what you get at the time it is done. Yes I do dream and the hardest critic is myself. GT

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