Turning Archive 2005

santa comes early ...

>isn't it funny how such simple things can be so important.

it's not Don Pencil with my sleigh of logs, but the UPS guy with my two 5lb fire extinguishers that came earlier than i expected ... they aren't the flat-screen HDTV i wished for, but it's such a relief to have them! one in the front & back of the studio.

and my 30x42 self-healing cutting mat came also -- something that i've been meaning to get for years but haven't gotten around to it...and the dog and i were thrilled with the box it came in too! :>)

also, found a local guy who fixed my old husky 55 and it works better than it has for years -- a friend gave me his almost-new 24" 3/8 bar that i setup on the new saw. So now i have the cutting capacity of 20-24-28...and that same friend loaded me up with some ironbark, walnut burl and magnolia!

so i'm sitting as pretty as Don Pencil's fat old cat !!!
(and by the way, don, feel free to drop the dog and cat off here at my place on your way up north -- and any of that nuisance wood trailing behind you!)

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