Turning Archive 2005

Turnicus interruptus

Dennis Y
>While working on a hollow form today with the overhead door open,
I heard one of my dogs screaming in pain. Rounding the corner
of the shop I saw the white shepherd barking treed. When I got closer
out of the brush exploded a Florida bobcat. The two of them went round and round with fur a flying. I stood there not able to do anything but yell. Finally one of them let loose of the other and the bobcat retreated under a downed tree. I manage to get all of the dogs back into the kennel and examined Polo. He just had a few minor scratches around the head and neck. Luckily all of the dogs had just gotten thier rabies shots. I was unable to track down the bobcat. Polo has to be quarrenteed for 45 days. Sadly, I got some blood on me so everbody is on alert. Unable to get back to the lathe with all the excitement.

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