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VERY simple tip (finding center) *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I sold a lot of turning blanks at our club meeting last night and forgot to give this tip about finding the center point when the blank is already cut in a circle but no center point is discernable. I know a lot of our club members are also WC readers, and figured it could/might be valuable other folks, too. I realize this is not exactly a new revelation, still, it was a brilliant tip for me when I first read about it.

Most of the blanks I cut have a compass center point indentation in them, but sometimes its hard to find.

1. Take the round blank, and draw the most accurate square you can that touches all 4 corners on one of the flat sides.

2. Draw diagonal lines on the square that intersect in the middle.

3. The intersection is your center point.

Depicted below....

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