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WoW site, and invites

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>Last night I offered to invite anyone to the WoW site who emailed me direct, to help avoid multiple invites for one person and make it less confusing on this forum.
Well, not ANYONE, mind you--I would like some indication that your intentions are not dubious. By that, I mean if you intend to use WoW for your own selfish purposes such as trying to post commercial ads, spam, or in some way turn into a bad apple, that will be a poor reflection on the inviter.
It helps to somehow know that you have an interest in woodturning, and/or that you are part of this turning community at WoodCentral. Help me out here by giving a little info about yourself, just to set my mind at ease. If you have a woodturning website, great--include the link in the email. But a terse request with only name and email may not get an invite, unless I recognize your name.
Again, your real full name is necessary, anonymity is not acceptable on WoW. Also, in the invite process, gender is asked for and required so if that's not obvious by your name, let me know.
Once you are signed up, PLEASE read the welcome message--every word is important. If you dive in posting a dozen big pics, you will very likely be reprimanded--members are asked to limit image postings to 5 per week.

I've recieved a dozen email requests today and am happy to honor them--if anyone else can do this, how about posting here to let folks know.
Be sure to trim the "ma" from my email, and thanks for your consideration!

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