Turning Archive 2005

WC vs. WoW

Keith Tompkins
>Concerning the WC and WoW sites, I don't feel there is any need of compariton. While they are both wonderful sites, they have distinctly different personalities.

To me, Wood Central is a special place...I have become acquainted with many turners on this site through their posts, and as I began to count the number of turners I have actually met, I stopped counting at fifty...and hadn't come close to naming them all. I have formed many special friendships here. There are a number of people I have yet to meet....And I know it will be a great time!

This is not just a "faceless" website. Behind each name is a dedicated and talented turner. Almost all are ready to help answer any question someone may field. Many people comment that they are amazed that more "flaming" doesn't occur....such as occurs on other sites. The reason is simple ...we are among friends. Plus, as I have mentioned before, we all have a common interest. Instead of focusing on our differences, which may be many, we can unite in our passion for turning.

I have watched this site grow and change under Russ's guidance into possibly the best turning site of all. I cannot begin to list the amount of information and insight I've gained through this site. Tips on finishing, sharpening, technique, and form are freely given. Photograqhing your work, too! (keep those coming) We have enjoyed many stimulating conversations here. I think it is much easier for a newbie or beginner to post work on WC than on WoW. I can't think of a time when the answers were not aimed at reassuring the person who posted, and the answers are positive and non-intimidating.

The WoW site is the result of much hard work also. The format is different, photos of your work may be posted in a permanent file. Much Like WC, you can post a photo of your work and ask for a critique....You must provide your name (sorry, no lurkers) for all the world to see. There are many well known turners worldwide who post their work on WoW. Going through the various turners work is overwhelming.

If you REALLY want to see how your work measures up, post a photo of your work there, and ask for a critique. You WILL get an honest unvarnished opinion of your work with suggestions on improving. BTW, if you feel that attending a demo give you the right to copy someone elses work...I would suggest not posting a photo of such a piece on WoW. The reaction of the turning world will be swift.

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